How to Use TRON dApps? – A Quick Study

TRON dApps

TRON is one of the largest blockchain platforms in the global market for cryptocurrencies. As of 2019, there are reportedly 2.5 million active users on the TRON mainnet. This indicates the TRON network’s success, particularly concerning its speed, scalability, and low transaction fees. Since its launch in 2017, TRON has evolved to become a robust foundation for decentralized digital ecosystems. It has expanded its reach over the market by creating a platform to build and run decentralized applications (dApps). Compared to Ethereum and other blockchains, TRON serves as an easier platform to create and deploy dApps in the market. 

What is a TRON dApp?

TRON dApp is a decentralized application built on the TRON blockchain, which runs as a computer application on the distributed computing ecosystem of TRON blockchain. The dApps have gained popularity due to the widespread use of TRON’s distributed ledger technologies. In most use-cases, TRON dApps are used as smart contracts for blockchain transactions. 

Features of TRON dApps

Here are the key characteristics of TRON dApps:

  • TRON dApps run exclusively on TRON blockchain
  • They are developed with open-source programming, and they operate autonomously without any entity controlling the stakes of TRX tokens
  • TRON dApps generate TRX tokens that add value to the associated nodes
  • Users of TRON dApps get access to TRX crypto exchange 
  • Miners can use TRON dApps to get rewarded with TRX tokens after contributing to the TRON ecosystem

Key Features of TRON dApps Software Development

TRON dApp software development undergoes an advanced lifecycle to build dApps that are at par with emerging trends in the crypto markets. The success of TRON dApp software development projects depends on how the end-product (TRON dApp) identifies the needs of stakeholders, defines its technical components, and caters to their requirements on the TRON blockchain platform. Here are the top features of developing TRON dApps:

  • User Interface: A structured user interface is designed through ideation. The UI development includes wireframe designing, high/low fidelity designing, and interactive prototyping.
  • Decentralized Exchange: Developers build a highly scalable decentralized exchange platform on TRON blockchain. The platform is customized as per the end-user requirements and connects external exchanges through TRON-shared APIs.
  • Smart Contracts: A service for creating smart contracts is integrated, taking care of coding, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the TRON platform. 
  • Cloud Services: For dApp encapsulation into microservices, developers use externalized cloud APIs for business scalability and data storage flexibility.
  • Decentralized Storage: Multiple cloud storage platforms are added to the decentralized platform for secure and efficient data management.
  • dApp Upgrade Services: The application is processed with complete migration and service upgrades to deploy transactional smart contracts as microservices.
  • dApp Porting: TRON dApp Porting is reused as a codebase to migrate current applications to other blockchain platforms, depending on business requirements.

Once the development is complete, TRON dApps are launched in the market for users. 

How to Use a TRON dApp

Most of the TRON dApps are available on application marketplaces such as Google Play (for Android devices) and Apple App Store (for iOS devices). There are three steps involved in using TRON dApps on your devices. In the following example, TronLink web wallet is used:

  • Add TronLink on your browser: Install the TronLink web app on your browser (preferably Google Chrome). You can add it as an extension or a plug-in to your browser app. 
  • Create or import a TRON account: Open the TronLink wallet and create your TRON account by adding an Account Name. You can also import an existing TRON account by selecting “Restore Account.” A mnemonic phrase is provided while setting up the account. This phrase is your password, which is needed to be stored safely and made available for recovery. According to TRX News, If the password is lost, your TRON account on TronLink wallet gets deactivated after some time, and your TRX assets are lost forever.
  • Launch TRON dApps: Open any app on your web browser and feel free to use it. The TronLink account transfers your cryptocurrency from the TRON dApps to your TRON account.

TronLink — Most Popular TRON Wallet

It is the first web wallet developed on the TRON blockchain. Today, TronLink is the most popular TRON wallet in the world. It was launched on the official website of the TRON foundation. It is supported by TRON crypto developers. The TronLink wallet works the same way as any TRX wallet does. It also runs well as an extension for Google Chrome and Brave browsers.

Building dApps on TRON Platform

TRON dApps are built on the open-source TRON blockchain platform. It lets developers build dApps and smart contracts with the following simple steps:

  • Build a smart contract on TRON blockchain
  • Set up a TronLink account while deploying the smart contract
  • Deploy the smart contract on the TRON testnet and then on the TRON mainnet 
  • Develop a client-side decentralized application for smart contract interactions to fetch data or write data to the smart contract
  • Integrate TronLink wallet to that application 

Now, you can deploy the developed TRON dApp on TRON mainnet. 

TRON dApps – Final Thoughts

TRON dApps can be developed on custom protocols to explore the TRX cryptocurrency and the TRON blockchain. By using TRON dApps, TRX holders can manage sudden spikes in their blockchain transactions. These dApps allow TRON users to get connected to a decentralized peer-to-peer network. TRON dApps, built with TronLink, can also serve as a platform for storing transactional data and smart contracts live on-chain. Apart from this, If you are interested in TRON (TRX) then you must stay tuned with us. We are providing latest news on TRX, live prices and future Tron Prediction.

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