Tron Price Trend Exhibits Severe Risk of Price Decline Amidst Volatility

Tron (TRX) price analysis since the past three days reflects that the coin is under the bearish pressure presently. TRX coin managed to show a growth of 6% despite the downtrend. There was a sharp drop, and the currency still managed to present a 2% growth. Since then, it gradually started moving in a downward manner, and the same trend remains.

Tron Price Prediction:

Today, Tron price has reflected almost a 2% price drop and reached to $0.015302 from $0.015538. As per the current trend, TRX coin may go down further and trade around its immediate support $0.015284.

We recommend either invest today in Tron or hold for the long-term gains. If we look at the price trend of Tron from the past three days, the TRX price was trading above the baseline only between the first two days. Today, the bears have dominated the Tron price and continue to control the coin.

TRX/USD Price Chart

Tron (TRX) Exhibits 13% Hike Over the Last 5 Days

Tron price movement since the past five days presents the uptrend. 7.43% was the rising percentage dated November 24, 2019. $0.01303414 was the lowest point for Tron; despite this fall, it presented a rise upwards of almost 16% over the past five days. TRX coin was witness to a minor fall, and the price was $0.01442284. However, it managed to gain back some pace, and it reflects an upward momentum currently.               

Tron Price Prediction

There is a rise of 11.68% since the TRX coin’s price of November 27, 2019. If it maintains the same trend with upside momentum, the Tron price may reach around $0.01610785 after a span of a few hours. It seems a good time to purchase new TRX coins or hold some old ones. The previous performance of the TRX coin has been mostly bearish as the scenario changed only since November 26, 2019. It is anticipated to trade with a long-term vision as Tron may be able to exhibit further growth in the near term.

Tron Price

Tron (TRX) Plunge Touched 30-day Low at $0.0131

  • Tron price exhibits downtrend by 20% in the month-long chart
  • The traders need to wait a little longer for a substantial return

Tron price is falling down the grid from the past few days. However, the coin started the month with an astounding momentum. The traders who were waiting for the uptrend were quite happy by the development. Well, the coin couldn’t hold itself at a higher level for a long time and fell. The current price trend is speculated to last long. There could be a recovery in the coin, but the same might take some time.

Tron Price Analysis:

A month ago, TRX’s price was at $0.0179. The currency dropped to $0.0161 by 9.77%. The price escalated in the later days and jumped to $0.022 by 35.88%. Tron couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell to $0.0196 by 10.46%. The price escalated to $0.022 but fell to $0.019. November began with a moderate level, which got escalated in the later days. The TRX price moved to $0.020 from $0.018 by 6.76%. Later, the coin slipped to $0.0139 by 30.74%. The currency is spotted moving up to $0.015 and slipped down to $0.0133.

Tron Price News

The current market scenario isn’t great. Hence, the intraday traders shall suffer loss. Tron price seems to be moving towards the next support level. It won’t be a surprise if TRX coin breaches the major support level due to heavy pressure.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.014813 S1 $0.013489
R2 $0.015695 S2 $0.013047
R3 $0.016137 S3 $0.012165

Tron is speculated to give great results to the short-term traders. However, the current market condition isn’t considered the best time for investment; hence the traders are suggested to stay put.

Tron (TRX) Exhibits Tremendous Fall by 25%

Tron is considered as a high potential coin. The price movement in TRX coin has given flourishing results in the past. TRX price was at $0.020 on January 01, 2019 and the current price is at $0.014. The year-long movement in price has touched a high of $0.040 and a low at $0.0123.

Tron Price Analysis

Tron started the year at $0.02016. In January, the price escalated to $0.02655 by 32.01%. The currency dropped to $0.024036 by 8.84% in February. In March, Tron price remained tight around $0.023. In April, the currency escalated and touched $0.02509. In May, the price escalated to $0.03747 by 49.57% hike. The price slipped to $0.03324 by 11.12% in June. The downtrend remained intact, and the price of Tron touched $0.02257 by 31.94% in July. Further, the price dropped to $0.01574 by 29.14% in August. The coin touched $0.01323 in September. The currency improved in October, and the price touched $0.02017 by 52.51%. In November, the price slipped to $0.01496.

Tron Price

Tron price is currently dealing at $0.01496. The price is slowly moving towards the immediate support level at $0.0147. The momentum in coin might take the TRX price to the next support level at $0.0141. If the price recovers, the coin might reverse and touch $0.016.

The currency is speculated to give flourishing results in the future. The traders are recommended to opt for short-term investment. The specified period would give the desired result.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $0.016368
R2 $0.017313
R3 $0.017963
Support Level Price
S1 $0.014773
S2 $0.014123
S3 $0.013178

Bears to Maintain a Strong Position on Tron (TRX)

On October 21, 2019, TRX coin was exhibiting the bearish run. The lowest price of Tron is $0.01405201 as of October 23, 2019. TRX has given growth of 41.42% within few days of October 2019. The movement was almost at the same frequency until about mid of November 18. Bears have started to control Tron again as per the trend noticed.

Tron Price Analysis:


According to the price evaluation since November 14, 2019, Tron is moving downwards by 16.44%. It can fall even further and reach up to the next support $0.01686.

It is advisable to hold some old coins as per the trend. October 27, 2019, till November 18, 2019 was the best time over the past 1 month since it was maintaining the uptrend. As Tron is being risen out of market pressure, there are great conceivable outcomes for it to arrive in the upcoming months.

Tron (TRX) Dribbles Heavily Since Yesterday

Tron price movement was quite impressive a few days back. The fall started taking over the coin from yesterday. The market is spotted under huge pressure and hence taking the coins down. There are few coins battling with the bearish trend, but the rest have fallen prey. The TRX coin is counted among the latter part of the group. The intraday traders might register losses today as there is no sign of improvement.

TRX/USD Price Chart:

Tron Price

As per the given chart, the price is reflecting a heavy fall in a week’s time. On November 13, the Tron price escalated to $0.020 from $0.019. The progression is marked by 2.92%. The price shifted to $0.019 by 4.30% on November 14. The TRX coin continued the fall and slipped to $0.0186 by 4.31%. On November 15, the price shifted to $0.018 by 4.31%. On the next day, the currency escalated to $0.0188 by 1.16%. On November 17, the price remained tight around $0.018. Yesterday, Tron price shifted to $0.017 by 8.52%. The week-long price movement registered a fall of 13.64%.

Tron Price Prediction

TRX coin price was recently seen improving. There was also some news regarding the upcoming ventures of the Tron Ecosystem which would have a long-lasting effect on the coin. Well, the speculation of improvement seems to get postponed as the coin is spotted under huge pressure. The current price of TRX coin is at $0.0170. The price is slowly moving towards the immediate support level.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $0.018475
R2 $0.019552
R3 $0.020189
Support Level Price
S1 $0.016761
S2 $0.016124
S3 $0.015047

Tron is registering a great fall on the price chart. The coin is usually suggested for short term traders, but as per the current scenario, we would suggest to hold on the investment.

Can Tron (TRX) Succeed in Gaining Control Over the Bulls?

Tron was priced at $0.019040 on November 9, 2019, with the trend being bearish. Within one day, it managed to rise upwards and show a growth of 5.58%. The movement for the next few days continued to be bearish but did rise on November 12, 2019 and reached $0.019775. Once again TRX coin showed a growth of 5.49% despite the previous days fall. Tron was being traded at the highest trading price of $0.020300 today. The present movement was indicating that it may rise upwards.

Tron Price Chart

Tron Price Analysis

If we compare yesterday’s price, TRX coin is reflecting a marginal rise by 1%. Observing the movement, it seems that the coin may rise upwards and can reach to its next resistance level of $0.0204. It can be traded close to $0.0207 if its trend remains intact.

We advise to purchase new coins as per the noticed trend of Tron. The movement of the coin for the past five days has been mostly a bearish one. Since yesterday, it has managed to rise upwards, and if TRX price is able to maintain its efficiency today, it may manage to move in an upward manner shortly.

Tron (TRX) Registers Upsurge in Month-long Movement

Tron is one of the high potential coins in the market. The currency holds a lot of expectations of the traders. The coin might be seen booking huge profits in the coming time, but for now, it is under huge market pressure. From past one month, The TRX price is seen improving at a consistent pace. The same might help the currency in inviting the upsurge.

Tron Price Prediction

TRX coin is seen improving its price from the past one month. On October 14, the coin was trading at $0.01657. The price dropped to $0.01514 by 8.63%. The price kept trading around $0.015 for some time. Later, it fell from $0.01553 to $0.01391 by 8.88%. The escalation started from October 23 that took the Tron price to $0.1792 by 28.81%. The price fell to $0.01618 and again escalated to $0.02255 by 39.35%. The month closed at $0.01993. The 15-day movement in price reflected 20.05% progression. The ongoing month is seen keeping the TRX price intact at $0.019. The beginning of month didn’t reflect much movement. The price fell from $0.02034 to $0.01867 by 8.56%. Later, Tron price improved and went to $0.01953 again.

Tron Price

The intraday movement of the TRX coin is indicating growth. The price of the coin is slowly moving towards the immediate resistance level at $0.0198. It is speculated that if Tron keeps the momentum intact then it could breach the next resistance level at $0.0200.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $0.019855 S1 $0.019227
R2 $0.020097 S2 $0.018841
R3 $0.020483 S3 $0.018599

Tron price improvement has spiked hope. The coin might regain its momentum in the coming days. The currency is speculated to give satisfactory results in the future. We would recommend the interested traders to dig-in for short-term investment. The long-term investment might be risky for investors.

MAYBANK Preparing To Get The New Digital Banking Licence in Singapore

MAYBANK Singapore is preparing to apply for the new digital banking licenses. Alvin Lee, Head of the Community Financial Services revealed that MAYBANK Singapore could be trying to grab one of the five digital banking licenses. Reported in Business Times, Alvin Lee also revealed that the Bank is in talks with its head office in Malaysia on the matter.

This all started at the end of the June 2019, when Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) chairman ‘Tharman Shanmugaratnam’ and its regulators announced that the government would be issuing five digital banking licenses for the non-bank finance industries. From these five digital banking licenses, two would be full digital license and rest three would be digital wholesale licenses.

The purpose of a digital full-bank license is to enable the non-bank finance industries to provide a wide range of financial services to retail customers while a digital wholesale bank license is meant to serve SMEs and other non-retail segments.

Though all the existing banks do not need these additional licenses to run a digital bank, as informed by the regulators. This can help the country to make new and better changes in the Singapore banking.

After this announcement, Maybank is now is applying for a new license, in an attempt to create a proposition with the new value. It looks like they might seek a partnership with OCBC as well as it is rumored that OCBC is in talks with Singtel to get in a partnership.

Also, in the same report, Alvin was quoted saying that they are looking for a tech partner and can be ‘fin’ (in fin-tech). He continued revealing that currently, they are working for the Malaysian head as their regional partner.

The application is due by October 2019, and by the end of 2019, Maybank will issue the license. Seeing the opportunity, apart from MAYBANK, various non-bank players have also shown their interest in this new digital banking licenses.

Surge In Shares of Overstock As CEO Patrick Byrne Quits

Online retailer Overstock’s shares surged 15 percent on Thursday after CEO Patrick Byrne resigned. The resignation followed the news of his involvement in FBI probe into Russian espionage involving former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Rattling the investors, this news had triggered a 30% drop in Overstock’s shares earlier in the month.

In a letter addressed to investors Byrne said: “While I believe that I did what was necessary for the good of the country, for the good of the firm, I am in the sad position of having to sever ties with Overstock, both as CEO and board member.”

He confirmed a report by Fox News contributor Sara Carter that he had a relationship with Maria Butina, a Russian agent currently lodged in a U.S. prison. Butina had revealed her part in the conspiracy to influence U.S. conservatives and Republicans.

“On any normal day, my presence is not conducive to strategic discussions regarding our retail business. I believe that going forward, my presence will definitely not be conducive to such strategic discussions,” Byrne stated in his Aug 11 letter.

A libertarian with a Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford University, Byrne is a major proponent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He had spent a decade battling short-sellers targeting the Overstock while it pitted against rivals such as Inc (AMZN.O) and eBay Inc (EBAY.O).

On Thursday, he celebrated the company’s executives with pop culture and cinema references, such as calling the CMO “Commander Data,” from Star Trek.

The stock had fallen more than 70 percent from record highs in January 2018, when Overstock massively gained from Byrne’s plan to launch a digital token.

As of now, the company is more targeted by short-sellers than 99% of companies in the United States. As per S3 Partners analytics, the total short-bets against Overstock stand at $267 million, balancing almost 50% of its float.

In a press statement, Overstock updated the appointment of company veteran Jonathan Johnson as interim CEO.