Tron Price Trend Exhibits Severe Risk of Price Decline Amidst Volatility

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis

Tron (TRX) price analysis since the past three days reflects that the coin is under the bearish pressure presently. TRX coin managed to show a growth of 6% despite the downtrend. There was a sharp drop, and the currency still managed to present a 2% growth. Since then, it gradually started moving in a downward manner, and the same trend remains.

Tron Price Prediction:

Today, Tron price has reflected almost a 2% price drop and reached to $0.015302 from $0.015538. As per the current trend, TRX coin may go down further and trade around its immediate support $0.015284.

We recommend either invest today in Tron or hold for the long-term gains. If we look at the price trend of Tron from the past three days, the TRX price was trading above the baseline only between the first two days. Today, the bears have dominated the Tron price and continue to control the coin.

TRX/USD Price Chart

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