EOS up to $4.05, has shown growth of 7% over the last 5 days


EOS price movement over the past 5 days has been quite unstable. It reached a low of $3.76 on 18-July-19 at 13:50 UTC. There was a sharp rise on the same day, and prices seemed to rise upwards before it saw a sharp fall the next day. From 19-July-19 EOS price slowly started to rise upwards and reached as high as $4.46 on 20-July-19 at 22:25 UTC. However, since this date, the coin has not been able to maintain the same pace. While writing, the coin seemed to rise upwards slowly, and we anticipate that the same trend may continue for another few weeks.

EOS Price Analysis & Future Forecast-

Comparing the price of EOS since its lowest point of $3.76 and today, the present trend indicates a bullish run by 7%. By the end of the day tomorrow, EOS may reach its calculated pivot value of $4.17, and after about a month’s time, it can go up to $4.70.

EOS has good capacity to reach $10 by the end of the year, trading in the coin on short term basis may not be that fruitful. Chaikin Money flow indicator reflects an upward movement of the coin. The coin has really bounced back quite well in the last 5 days, and we predict that it may rise further from hereon. If it continues with the same trend, the next major resistance levels can be seen at $4.56 and $4.73 respectively.

5-Day EOS Price Chart-

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